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ID Code: 201

Urban Planner

Category: Civil
Job Title: Urban Planner
Division: Civil
Location: Surrey, BC

Our client, with its office in a flourishing city, works in both the public and the private sector. During their 35 years of operation, they worked for municipal governments, land development firms and construction companies. For those firms, our client delivered urban planning and civil engineering projects such as developing subdivisions and multi-family projects along with commercial and industrial developments.

At this time, they are seeking an Urban Planner to join their growing team. The work will involve researching potential development for residential and suburbs, commercial, and mixed-used sites. It is important to have familiarity with in handling legal documents, reviewing designs and liaising with various different stakeholders including municipal staff, sub-consultants, and the community. Those with experience in land development, either private or public, along with possessing professional accreditation (such as MCIP RPP / CPT or similar) are sought after. Our client welcomes a wide range in level of experience in hopes to find a talented, hard-working Urban Planner, so if this is you, apply today!


Required Years of Experience: 5 to 15

Location: Surrey, BC